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Enhancing Business Communication – Customizable IP-Based Business Phone Systems

Traditional phone systems often fail to meet the growing demands of modern businesses, especially those that require flexibility and scalability, and for a business you can’t rely on just one phone to receive all your calls, this is why businesses require a customised phone system that suits their business perfectly.

At the end of this year Traditional Phone Systems will become obsolete, The traditional phone system linked to internet lines is no more, customers of BT are being forced to change to IP based phones or they will have no functionality. The change to SoGEA is already underway! Should you wish you can read about this here in our previous blog.

IP-based business phone systems, also known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones, are used to replace traditional phone systems and if configured strategically and correctly they can optimise and transform how your company operates.

Implementing customized business phone systems is something we do fairly frequently here, and this blog explores the benefits of these systems and gives you some insight into how they can be organized to streamline the communication process and make your business better as a result of it.

What is an IP-Based Business Phone System?


On the go phone system

An IP-based phone system uses the internet to transmit voice communications as data packets. Unlike traditional phone lines, which rely on physical wiring. This allows users to be on the go, and still they retain access to be part of the office phone system, able to make and receive calls via their office number, provided they have internet!

This allows IP phone systems to provide flexibility and a host of features that can be tailored to suit the specific needs of any business. The IP Phone systems convert standard voice signals into digital signals, which are then sent over the internet, allowing for clearer and more reliable communication, and it also opens up the possibility of using that phone system wherever you have internet access!

Benefits of a Customized IP Phone System

IP Phone system 

  1. Enhanced Flexibility and Mobility: One of the most appreciated and commonly used features of IP phone systems is their ability to integrate seamlessly with mobile devices and computers, this functionality means you can make and receive calls using your business phone number (yes not your private phone number!) from virtually anywhere, whether you’re working from home, traveling, or at a client’s site. Employees remain connected to business phone systems throughout the day and therefore can be kept in the loop and be productive, regardless of their location.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness: IP-based systems are generally more cost-effective than traditional phone services. They eliminate the need for separate phone lines and reduce long-distance charges, as calls are transmitted over the internet. Maintenance and upgrade of digital systems is usually less challenging and cheaper than changing out and configuring analog parts and systems.
  3. Scalability: As businesses grow, communication needs also develop. As IP phone systems are inherently scalable, it allows companies to add extra phone numbers or features with minimal hassle and expense, all under the same existing infrastructure. This scalability ensures that your communication system can grow alongside your business without requiring a complete overhaul, As more staff members are taken on, you simply just add more members and devices into the phone system.
  4. Advanced Features for Business Efficiency: Customized IP phone systems come packed with advanced features that can be tailored to enhance business communication. Features such as auto-attendant, call forwarding, voicemail to email transcription, and conference calling can all be integrated to improve efficiency. These features ensure that every call is handled professionally and efficiently, this is likely to improve general customer satisfaction and tends to help reduce response times. 

How can you make your Business Phone systems more Efficient?


Inefficient and badly organised phone systems can leave your customers frustrated and often results in lost business opportunities. There are many things you can do to streamline the phone systems and ensure customers are getting routed through to the right people, as soon as they possibly can be.

Here are some great ways to make your phone system more efficient.

  1. Intelligent Call Routing: One of the key advantages of an IP-based phone system is its ability to route calls based on rules, and it will carry out this routing automatically without any human interaction, for instance, calls can be directed to different departments or individuals based on the caller’s input, time of day, or even caller ID. With a simple prompt and some pre-defined rules, the intelligent routing of the phone system helps massively in terms of managing call traffic efficiently, ensuring that callers are connected to the right person without unnecessary delays. Compare this to the old analog systems where you might have to speak to multiple staff members before you are directed to the right person/team! Annoying for the staff and the customers!!
  2. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems: IVR systems are brilliant, and you almost certainly will have come across one before, they can be customized to greet callers with a professional message, and they are used to help guide customers/callers through a menu of options. This not only improves the caller’s experience by providing them with clear directions but also reduces the workload on your staff by handling simple routine inquiries automatically.
  3. Integration with Business Tools: IP phone systems can be integrated with other business tools such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems. This integration provides employees with immediate access to customer data that can be used to benefit the business.
call routing 
Setting up your intelligent call routing, using useful tools like ring groups, (which calls everyone inside of that group by the system only dialling one number) and call queues (where it puts the callers into a queue for a specified amount of time before hopefully a member of the queue is able to come to the callers aid!) allows you to then route the IVR into different call handling options, So without any interaction (from your side) the customers are put straight through to the right team, regardless of the team members being at home, at the office or out in the field, What’s not to like?!

Oh and also, if you’re using an IP based phone system, if the ring group / call queue members don’t have any available members in the group or don’t answer in time, you can specify settings that allow the system to forward the call to other groups or a second line of support etc, which means that the caller will not face massive delays and start to get frustrated that nobody is answering them, how brilliant is that!

Implementing a customized IP-based phone system offers a range of benefits that traditional phone systems simply cannot match. From enhanced mobility and cost savings to improved efficiency through advanced features, these systems present a significant upgrade in business communication.

Please don’t forget, Traditional Phone Systems will actually become obsolete this year, so you will be forced to change to an IP based phone system. It would be a good idea to be one step ahead and have your phone system setup and ready to go before that happens!!!

You can read more about the Big Phone Switch Off in our other blog here!

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