IT Managed Services Free Up Time

What are you spending the most time on in your business?

Managed services are the most cost-effective way to get your time back! Your company should be working for you, instead of you working for your company. The amount of time you spend on the systems and technology in your business, equates to lost revenue. You should be using this time to grow your business.

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Hiring an IT specialist can be expensive, compared to Managed Services

Who looks after your IT? A senior-level IT technician’s salary starts from £50K a year, not including all the other costs associated with employing people. Outsourcing your IT as a managed service means you only pay per month per user. First Base Solutions offers an experienced team of IT specialists for a fraction of the cost!


No Holidays: No Sick Days: No Hassle.


Your staff have legal rights to time off. If the team member who looks after your IT services is off sick, on holiday, or any other form of absence, who else can you rely on? Due to having a full team of IT specialists and technicians from our managed IT services, you never have to worry about any concerns that may arise, as you will always have access to a professional helping hand.

The longer your systems are down, the more it will cost you.

What happens if something goes wrong? In most small to medium businesses, it falls on the shoulders of one of your employees, or yourself. While they are busy trying to fix the issue, they aren’t doing the work you pay them to do. A phone call to us means we are on it and we will get you back up and running as soon as possible!

Managed Services means Never worrying about losing the people who keep your systems running.


Who has the most knowledge of the systems in place at your company? Either hiring an IT specialist to manage your IT services, or relying on an employee to fix any issues can be risky. If they leave the business, you have to hope that someone can pick up the slack, or you will have to do it yourself. Managed IT services from First Base Solutions means you know that even if we have a shuffle in our team, it won’t affect the service you get!


Always have the right product for the job.


Do you have the right equipment for your business needs? If you are using the PC for basic business requirements such as word documents, emails and payroll, you most likely only need a mini-PC. If your employees are creating marketing material or building websites, they are going to need more specialist components. Take out the guesswork and speak to us, we know what each individual needs!


Our Managed Services keep us up to date with technology, so you don't have to!


What new technologies are available? Has something come to market that could be a potential game-changer for your industry? Technology is changing all the time, and it would be hard to list everything, but head over to our Latest Technology posts to find out more. We actively look for new technologies to help your business, and we will proactively bring these to your attention! 

Have a question about our Managed Services? Would you like to know more? Then,  Contact Usso we can get started on your business growth journey!


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