Lease agreements for every business requirement

Why would you lease a print and copy machine?

The cost to buy copiers and printers is a heavy up-front cost. This also doesn’t include maintenance if the photocopier breaks down. With flexible lease lengths from 3-5 years, you can always rest assured you’ll have the latest and greatest device!

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Leased copiers and printers are 100% tax-deductible!

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Want to make sure you’re getting the most cost-effective option? As leases are classed as a pre-tax expense, they go against the company profits, so you pay less tax. If you buy a copier outright, then you can only claim the deprecation back. It ranges but deprecation is between 25% and 50% of the total value. You will also need to buy a new one every 5 years.

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Manage your cash flow more effectively.

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Does your business have the cash flow to fork out for new copiers and printers?With prices of commercial printers being as high as 15K, this could potentially be a huge chunk of your budget. Leasing is simply cheaper, and you aren’t stuck trying to sell an old machine when you need a new one. Smaller monthly payments are much easier to keep track of.

Terms as flexible as you need!

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Are some months more print heavy than others? The cost of paying for the entire device upfront then coupled with all the extras such as ink and paper will cause a harder-to-manage budget. Need a new ink cartridge? We will send it out straight away. Only want to pay for what you use? You can work out your usage and pay per copy. Want a new printer and copier sooner? Opt for a lower contract term.

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Servicing as standard.

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Do you find copier machines a minefield if they stop working? If the machine jams or isn’t connecting to computers, then it feels impossible to know where to start. The longer the printing and copying machine is down, the more it costs your business in revenue. All our copiers and printers come with maintenance included. All you have to do is let us know and we will get it sorted.


Don't fall behind your competitors!

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Due to the low cost and not paying upfront, leasing a copier machine is the most accessible way to get hold of the latest technology. This also means your competitors are looking at leasing too. Reliable, fast and inexpensive printers are going to give the company using them an edge. Make sure it’s your company that is reaping the benefits.

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Newer copiers and printers are better for the environment.


Have you pledged to be a greener company moving forward? The need for printing paperwork is still very much a necessity in some industries, and some people just prefer a physical copy. These machines are becoming much more energy efficient with each iteration, and if you bought a printer outright, after 5 years it would be costing you more in energy costs than a brand-new machine. Want to ask us a question? Pick up the phone, or fill in our Contact Us form so we can get started on your business growth journey!

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