What is SoGEA Broadband and how can my business embrace IP Phone Systems as a result of the changes?

Unveiling SoGEA: Revolutionizing Broadband 

The switchover from traditional phone line broadband to Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SoGEA) is a confusing prospect to many homeowners and business.

This is quite a significant change to traditional broadband functionality and will have a large impact on people who still use a traditional phone line for communication.

There are many benefits and implications of this new infrastructure though, as SoGEA is reshaping the way broadband works in the UK to create a more reliable and future proof broadband service, this article will look to highlight and explain the changes that all businesses and home addresses will soon need to become accustomed to.

What is SoGEA?

SoGEA is a revelation in broadband technology, Removing the need for a traditional phone line while provisioning broadband services.

In the past conventional setups required both a phone line and broadband connection, SoGEA now streamlines this process, offering a single order solution for high-speed internet access.

SoGEA still uses the same infrastructure for now, as the line is still run back to their cabinets using the copper infrastructure, however as the broadband line with SoGEA is already detached from the phone line element that makes it trickier to provision, it likely enables an easy transition to fibre going forward, should that infrastructure be put in place in your area.

When is it happening?

PSTN and ISDN switch-off will happen in December 2025, this the latest date for this so it is very important that you get your services switched over premptively to avoid any disruption of services.

Why is SoGEA better?

SoGEA streamlines the installation process, The simplicity translates to quicker deployment, minimizing disruptions to your business operations.


By eliminating the requirement for a phone line, SoGEA introduces cost-efficiency. Businesses can benefit from a robust broadband infrastructure without incurring additional expenses associated with maintaining an active phone line.

Improved Speeds and Performance:

With the focus solely on broadband, SoGEA enables improved speeds and performance, no phone line interference running on the line may have a huge impact in some situations and drastically improve performance of the broadband running over the line.

Businesses can experience faster and more reliable internet connections, meeting the demands of modern digital operations.

how will SoGEA broadband and the switch off affect my business?

It is important to note that traditional fax services will stop working, scan to email is a good alternative, and if you need to receive faxes you can still do so using fax to email services.

If your CCTV system makes use of a phone line to communicate externally it will need to be updated to a newer system, this also applies to alarm systems that may use a phone line or be tied to one.

Now for the main impact – The Removal of Traditional Phone Lines:

Internet Protocol (IP) phone systems have been around for quite a while now!

But with the complete removal of traditional phone lines, businesses are embracing the era of IP phones at a much faster rate. IP phone systems make use of internet connectivity to facilitate voice communication, offering enhanced features and flexibility and provided you have a good internet connection… plenty of sound quality and stability!

First Base Solutions can help guide your businesses through this transition, setting up IP based phone systems from scratch and ensuring a seamless integration of the phone systems functionality into your daily business operations. We are partnered with and provide IP phone systems from 3CX, customised to your preference and requirements.

You’ll be pleased to know the benefits to IP phones as opposed to traditional phones are almost endless. Here are some of the main reasons why being forced to use IP based phone systems because of the SoGEA network implementation turns out to be great news for your business!

IP Phone Systems benefits

Enhanced Features:

IP phone systems often have lower call costs, especially for long-distance and international calls, as they use the internet for voice transmission rather than traditional phone lines, and depending on which sip trunk is purchased and utilized, outgoing calls may even be ‘free’ of charge (not paid per call/per minute).

Systems can be setup to route calls into specific departments.

Flexibility and Mobility:

One of the most beneficial parts of VOIP phone systems is the capability of making and receiving calls from anywhere with an available internet connection! This provides great flexibility for staff and enables remote working to be much more seamless and manageable, it also means that staff will not have to use personal phone numbers to make or receive calls, and records can then be easily accessed of calls made and received, if traceability is your thing this is a must!

Many IP phone systems support mobile apps, allowing users to make and receive calls on their smartphones, enhancing mobility and accessibility.


IP phone systems are great to be able to adapt to businesses changing needs. Phones can be added quickly, and extensions and settings can be updated and changed on the fly!

Reliability and Redundancy:

IP phone systems can be configured with redundancy options, reducing the risk of downtime in case of network or hardware failures.

Cloud-based IP phone systems often include disaster recovery options, which is essential for allowing the communication side of your buisness to continue in the event of unforeseen disruptions, power cuts and so on.

Easy access to call data

Another great feature of IP based phone systems is that it allows for integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, and this enables advanced logging and data collected to further benefit the business.

There is also call routing data and call volume data that can be used to identify busy times of the day / week and this data can be analysed and used to predict business patterns, which can be used for your advantage!

Partnering with FBS for SoGEA and IP Phone Systems

FBS stands as your trusted partner, ready to navigate the SoGEA broadband changes to provide a seamless integration and introduction to IP phones systems and provide businesses with a reliable broadband service that propels them into the digital future.

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