Utilising AirTags to boost your business' security

  • Simple to set up

  • Real time tracking

  • No monthly on-cost

  • Powered by watch battery 

  • Battery lasts 12 months

  • Reports position within up to 100m of any I-phone

Haulage, Agricultural Sectors 

Apple AirTags are an excellent innovation for low-cost tracking with iCloud integration. With utilisation within the haulage sector and agricultural sectors, it’s a must for mobile vehicles. It works flawlessly in tractors, truck cabs, harvesters etc. With precision finding and the ability of lost mode, it’s a no brainer for valuable vehicles.

Another way these AirTags can be utilised are in parcels possessing critical hardware. Harbouring the opportunity to see live updates from the package’s location (even an international parcel) would be beneficial if lost or delayed by a delivery service. We’ve all been there, where a box has either been cancelled or even lost to never be resolved. Then sitting on the phone with the parcel company trying to resolve the issue. Well, this method will cut the need to sit on hold for hours and tell you everything from the comfort of your device.

How do you get it working?

You need an iPhone, iPad or Mac, an iCloud account and the find my app enabled. Connection from here is easy and straightforward. Just unbox the AirTag and remove the plastic wrapping; you should hear a satisfying chime. Ensure your AirTag is next to the device you want it connected to, and it should pop up on the screen; that’s it, you’re done. Just remember to name it umbrella to become a comedian!

Also, utilising the family mode can allow up to 18 Apple devices connected to singular AirTags. The tracking device is then in a shared find my network, creating an extremely potent tracking tool. 

Full-time tracking

With the AirTag, you get real-time updates on its location, and if enabled, notifications once moved. All this on the same map makes it easy to track all vehicles in a fleet. In addition, if you have an iPhone 11 or newer, you have access to even savvier tracking, with an arrow pointing in compass directions guiding you to an AirTag close by. 

Whilst looking for a close-by AirTag, it’s possible to play a sound through its onboard speakers. On the other hand, if another person finds your device as an unknown AirTag, their phone will generate contact details for your business.

Our Solution

We’ll make your life even easier, as we’ll set up all the AirTags for you and get you up and running within a couple of days*. Then, we’ll install the AirTags into rubberised cases for protection that doesn’t interfere with the signal. These aspects are vital for a secure business, paired with full phone and on-site support.

Why pick AirTags?

AirTags are among the cheapest and most reliable ways to track something, with easy accessibility and options to change location. With the price at £30, it’s pretty incomparable to the competition, just on compatibility alone. Having tested the AirTags with a few clients already, we have discovered that they can make a massive difference to vehicle security.

One occasion is a client’s vehicle being stolen from their site, only to be tracked by the AirTag. Thus, giving the police the right location for the vehicle’s whereabouts. Another occasion was when a YouTuber experimented with the AirTags in a parcel. This will display how you can track your package too.

Current Uses

  • Tracking Bikes & motor cycles

  • Identify positions of assets, Portaloo’s, HGV Trailers, IBC Liquid containers, Luggage, Pets, expensive power tools

  • Finds lost keys within minutes! Track down to 0.5 feet with latest I-phones.

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