The importance of a customised Ticket System and how to use it to your advantage

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At First Base Solutions Ltd, we prioritize seamless communication to enhance your IT support experience. Our commitment to efficiency extends to the reporting of issues through our ticket system. Clients have the flexibility to choose their preferred channel, be it by phone or email, ensuring a personalized and accessible approach to issue resolution.

Advantages of using a ticket system.

Customisation and configuration:

Ticket systems are easily customisable and can be configured exactly how you want them to operate, this is important as every business operates differently and certain configurations just simply wont work for you! by being able to custom the ticket system it enables you to remove features you don’t need that clutter up the interface, and allows the ticket system to be streamlined and made as efficient as possible for you. It can then be used as a very important tool for collecting data and information ready for analysis.

Place to track all Issues:

Our ticket system remains the single source for all issues. This centralized platform unifies communications from both phone and email reports, allowing for a comprehensive overview of IT concerns. We use the ticket system to keep an overview of every job that is open at current, and it is used to prioritize and allocate jobs and to oversee their completion from start to finish.

Allocation of Internal Resources:

The ticket system plays a pivotal role in allocating resources from internal engineers based on the nature of the reported issue. This ensures that the right expertise is deployed, optimizing the resolution process for every reported concern, some tickets require multiple engineers to investigate and solve the problem, communication and engineering allocation is crucial here, and a ticket system makes this allocation seamless.

Priority and Ticket Completion Progression:

All tickets are important! but some may require more time or thought than others, and may have varying impact on overall business functionality. Our ticket system incorporates advanced features for tracking priority and ticket completion progression. This allows us to tailor our support to varying degrees of urgency and complexity, ensuring that your business receives the customized attention it deserves.

Tracking Against Contract Response Times:

Regardless of the reporting channel chosen, our ticket system ensures transparent and accountable tracking against contract response times. We adhere to agreed-upon timelines to deliver prompt solutions and response times. By using a ticket system, we can see reports of how often we are meeting SLA’s and if we ever go over SLA’s we can see this information clearly, therefore we can analyse why that may have been the case.

 Follow-Up and Customer Satisfaction:

The ticket system facilitates systematic follow-up on jobs, once a ticket hasn’t been updated or processed for a certain amount of time It will flag the ticket up in a different colour, this allows us to see the tickets that potentially need revisiting, or need following up with the customer. There is a section in our ticketing system “waiting on client” which essentially means we are waiting for the client to action something or to respond to us, if a ticket sits in here for too long we will call up the customer and see what needs to be done to resolve and complete the ticket.

Record of all tickets completed:

the record of all completed tickets is great as it allows us to look back and see all previous fixes with a simple search, provided the original ticket information is detailed with a fix and is searchable, we can look back and see how we solved the same problem before, this drastically speeds up the time taken to fix complex issues. A pro tip that we’ve found very useful here is to link a ‘fix’ article or method inside the ticket completion, and has saved us countless hours over the years, and more importantly saved you, the end user, lots of time and taken away some of the stress problems may bring to you!

Measurement of Resolution Time and identifying problems using data:

The ticket system can be used to measure the time taken to resolve issues. First Base takes a proactive stance and using the ticket system data wisely allows us to identify patterns and trends, facilitating an efficient approach to issue resolution and preventative measures. This data-driven approach ensures that we continually optimize our processes for swift and effective solutions, we mainly use this data to investigate issues that cost users a lot of time, and then spend the time to find solutions to stop or limit certain types of problems from happening.

FBS understands the importance of providing choices in communication channels. Whether you prefer reporting issues by phone or email, our ticket system can receive these and ensures a consistent, efficient, and personalized IT support experience, this shared repository enables our team to draw on a wealth of experiences, ensuring efficient troubleshooting and comprehensive solutions for reported issues. To find out more about how our ticketing system and support could help your business, get in touch below!

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