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Farming innovation

First Base Solutions have selected innovative technologies, specialist applications, and proven support partners, to enable farmers and growers to achieve business goals whilst continuing towards a sustainable future.

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  • LiveFarmer

    LiveFarmer, a complete online farm management and compliance auditing application that provides real-time application on all aspects of everyday business and farming requirements. As an on-demand application, through the capturing of field data as it happens, it tracks crops pre-planting all the way to the customer.

    • Create maps for accurate field measurements

    • Record farm machines and implements

    • Create and track field tasks

    • Full audit of field records

    • Automatic harvest predictions, based on your real-time crop walks

    • Crop costings and profitability reporting

    • Health and safety assessments, linked to tasks and machinery

    • Forecasting and sales availability

    • Full compliance reporting

     Together, we can make your farm work smarter, more effectively and more efficiently, saving you time, money and stress. LiveFarmer is doing this for farmers and growers world-wide.

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    To learn more about LiveFarmer Farm Management Software click here 

  • KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster

    KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster is a innovative technology that improves the quantity and quality of crops. 

    The KYMINASI technology, based on biophysics, uses natural processes to give plants the necessary stimulation that they need in order to grow stronger, faster, bigger, healthier, tastier and more nutritious. 

    The outcomes being achieved are:   

    • Increased Profit 
    • Improved sales and contract management  
    • Reduced reliance on supplier inputs  
    • Cost Savings  
    • Efficiency increases  
    • Waste reduction  
    • Water Saving  
    • Reduction in Carbon emissions  
    • Reduced use of limited natural resources 
    • Ultimately leading to more sustainable production and profitability.   

     It does this by:  

    • Increasing photosynthesis efficiency.  
    • Enhancing and balancing nutrient absorption and utilisation.  
    • Enhancing soil health and nutrient availability.  
    • Increasing root density. 

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    To learn more about the KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster click here 

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    Brassica and Leafy Salad Conference – 25th October 2022 

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Call here: 0333 358 9000

“We have much better visibility of our staff costs for harvesting and packing, which has helped us plan more effectively day to day."