8th August 2022

Internet providers for rural areas

Which internet provider can I use for rural areas with poor mobile phone signal or areas with lots of homes or offices? 

If you happen to be in a rural area or a densely populated business park or town then you may not get any better speeds by switching than your current provider is supplying. Shared internet contention is something that will be with us until we move from fibre to the cabinet to fibre to the premise. That will involve a lot of digging and BT Openreach may not get to you any time soon! 

With many people still working from home offices there is significant pressure on the fibre to the cabinet broadband providers who have reached their limit on providing bandwidth. 

Can I use 5G as my internet service in my home or office? 

Parts of the UK, mainly cities, are now on 5G and you may have seen the antenna’s springing up near our A roads and motorways but in most rural areas this is not a realistic solution. 

Starlink with First Base Solutions Ltd is set to jump ahead of the competition in rural areas… 

Traditionally satellite broadband services have been high up in orbit with just a few satellites and have made the connections operate with high latency (It takes ages to load the web pages). 

Starlink works on a grid of multiple low orbit satellites so the waves have a shorter distance to travel and there are many more satellites. Starlink latency is around 20ms which is similar to fibre broadband. Leased line or fibre to the premise connections produce around 6-12ms latency for comparison and cost from £200 per month for 100/100Mb on 3 year commitments. Sometimes the installation charges run into 10’s of thousands of pounds if you are off-grid. 

Starlink is capable of streaming video and supporting on-line gaming which may prove to be Utopia for most modern families and SME’s 

One downside is that you don’t get a static IP address with satellite so some older legacy servers would not allow you to connect to them directly… Not such a bad thing in the modern era of cyber crime! By using modern VPN clients and software the Starlink system is a cost effective alternative to uncontended unlimited fibre broadband. 

Can I buy Starlink in the UK & how much does Starlink internet cost in the UK. What do I get for my money? 

Yes you can! You can buy Starlink directly from the website or you can have First Base Solutions install it, configure it and maintain it for £129 a month plus Vat. (Min 2 years commitment) 

You get an average 250Mbs Download 70Mbs Upload. The system is suitable for 20-25 users. 


Average 250Mbs Download 70Mbs Upload for £70 per month plus £785 for the antenna including fitting plus Vat (Monthly commitment only). 

Will the system work with my VOIP phone? At First Base Solutions we provide 3CX as a VOIP solution our hosted VOIP system works perfectly with Starlink Internet. 

How do I get Starlink at our office or home? Simply call us on +441789721746 and choose option 1 


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