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17th March 2022

How do I transfer my old computer’s desktop, programs & files over to my new system?

When you change your computer for a new device the anticipation of everything being faster and more reliable is sometimes negated by the fear of losing some or all your information and your programs not working on your new computer.

We can help to overcome this fear, when we provide you with a new device we will audit your existing machine and check to see if your existing software will work with your new machine before going ahead.

How can I make sure my data & favourites will still be on my new machine? 

As part of our upgrade procedures we use your one-drive account to copy your data and settings to your personal Office365 account and will allow you (provided you have the software installed on your alternative equipment) to operate your desktop from multiple connections.  This software will  create an automatic backup of your desktop user profile.

If you couple this Office365 feature with our Cyber & E-mail security software we can automate the backing up of all of your desktop data & profiles on a manged basis to the cloud.  We can facilitate desktop recovery by using these simple methods.

When you replace your equipment there are occasions when your legacy software is not compatable or your printer will cease to work.  We will find out this information and inform you before you make any arrangements to commit to a purchase.

Will all my software be transferred onto my new computer?

We can audit and collate the software you have in your organisation and create a build that can be applied to all machines on or off your premises.  This method allows us to replace broken machines or keep hot-spares on site to ensure that any downtime or failure is kept to a minimum.

We can allow a user to sign on to different machines and be presented with their desktop and their software.  If a user does not have access rights to certain pieces of software they will now be shown on the user’s desktop.

Will my other pieces of hardware work after my computer has been upgraded?

As part of our original audit we will ensure that your new machine has the latest software drivers for any peripheral hardware you are using within your operation

What about Windows updates and software updates?

We manage the automation of software and machine builds before it gets delivered to your premises.  Windows Updates can be managed by a central server which allows your machines to be upgraded in a controlled manner with updates being pre-tested before deployment.

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