21st March 2022

How do I create a reliable backup of my data?

Do as many of these as possible:

  • Microsoft Shadow Copy Backup of Shared Folders – Multiple times per day for 30 days (Simple easy drag and drop restore)

  • Incremental Backups at strategics times during the data (after majority data entry) to Network Attached Storage Device (NAS) (Restore Data back up to 4 hours, quick restore option)

  • Synchronise Data with Share point to allow data to be accessed from the cloud (File History restore, similar to Shadow Copy)

  • Backup Office365 Mailboxes *(Acronis E-Mail Security)* (Microsoft 365 DOES NOT backup your e-mail!) 

  • Create Full System Backup Including Configuration onto external removable USB Drives (Rotate at least 2 weeks backups + one Monthly Copy) *(Backup Assist Software with Hyper-V)*  (See Blog about Microsoft Hyper V) – Removable USB can be plugged into another server and whole network configuration can be started and run up within 20 minutes in full system loss conditions

  • Replicate in real-time to an offsite server *(Microsoft Hyper-V Replication)*  In the event of Site Failure Replicated server can be brought to site or brought on-line within seconds.

We manage, monitor and test all of these backups as they happen.  If they don’t happen for any reason we will tell you!


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