Eclipse Internet

At First Base Solutions, we have a partnership with one of the leading Internet Service Providers in the UK. Being an Eclipse partner, we get access to their Partner Portal which gives us more management over your Internet connection. We can set usage limits, remotely restart your routers and check the speed of your line(s).


Fibre Internet

Fed up of your slow internet speeds? Contact First Base Solutions to see if Fibre internet is available in your area. Fibre internet will improve your connection speeds by up to 10x as quick! A few of our customers have been making the change to Fibre Internet and notice the difference straight away! 

Eclipse Bonded Solution

If Fibre Internet isn't available in your area just yet, bonding your existing ADSL line with 2 (or more) lines can improve your speeds by twofold. This solution is very common for our customers who have severely poor connections & aren't likely to receive Fibre packages in the near future. 

Direct Internet Access

Direct Access to the Internet is exactly what it says it is. The Internet works by each request goes through different routers, servers etc worldwide and relays information back to you from the destination. With Direct Access, you "cut out the middleman" and get to your destination faster than ever before.

Direct Access is ideal for businesses that rely greatly on their internet. Upload and download speeds will be boosted to identical speeds. Direct Access is unique to your business (like a leased line), it's a dedicated path for only your business.

Eclipse guarantee a 100% uptime SLA on your Direct Access line and a 24/7 technical support line.