Cloud Solutions

First Base Solutions has recently formed a strategic alliance that will allow us to offer Cloud solutions for our customers.

Microsoft Exchange365 & Office365

Emails are one of the fundamental services you need in-place on a new IT system. First Base Solutions will be offering a service that takes your email server away from your premises, but still allow you to have full control over your mail system. This means you won't have to buy a dedicated server, pay for its overheads & maintenance!

Cloud Replication Backup

If you have a server which is running Windows Server 2012 R2 or later, you can utilize the built-in replication feature.This will enable your backups to be accurate within 5 minutes of your primary server. The replication isn't resource hungry, it will only replicate the changes to any data every 5 minutes.

If you have Server 2012 R2 but only have one active server, First Base Solutions will be offering a Disaster Recovery/off-site replication service that will ensure you have a sound, reliable backup solution at minimal costs.

Hosted VoIP

First Base Solutions have recently finished development on a 3CX VoIP phone solution for your Office. Hosted in Amazon Web Services or on your premise, 3CX phones will give your current phone system more functionality & at reduced call rates than your current PBX. Download the official 3CX brochure here.

For more information on 3CX phone systems, visit their official website at

Virtual Desktops

We are also offering a complete cloud solution for your current on-site servers. This means you don't have the outlay costs of server hardware, provide space and suitable environment and pay for its upgrade costs in later years.

Virtual Desktops make the mobile workplace a virtual reality. You can switch services on or off to suit the demands of your workforce regardless of their location.