VoIP Phone Systems


3CX Phone Systems are one of the best selling VoIP solutions. 3CX Phone Systems replace your current, traditional PBX with one that uses your internet line instead of your phone-line.

3CX for Windows allows your business to improve your communications in productivity and less cost. 3CX enables you to have control over just how you want your phone system to function; at a few clicks of a button, you can have a fully functioning digital receptionist, mulitple speed-dials and many similar functions.

You can incorporate 3CX into your mobile phones too. Download the app for either Android or iPhone, and calls will be free to & from your PBX extensions. 

If you often work abroad, have a remote office or anything inbetween. 3CX supports the use of "Session Border Controls", which allow you to have a remote connection to your PBX, acting though it's part of the same network.


At First Base Solutions, we're proud to have 3CX Phone Systems as part of our range for improving your business. Paired with the Yealink VoIP phones, we believe installing a 3CX phone system is one of the best upgrades you can implement into your business.

Yealink Phones

Yealink phones come highly recommended from 3CX due to their build, call-quality and above all - compatability.


The phone we're standardising is the Yealink T42G. The phone comes with a standard 6 programmable buttons that have multi-functions. BLFs, speed-dials, conference calls, etc. The T42G also comes with gigabit network capabilities and Power over Ethernet as standard. No more nasty power supplies!